In 2001, INPA Electronics was established in Istanbul. Our company first dealt with digital satellite system exportation and then added digital security systems to its product range.

Withing a short period of time, our INPAX brand has become demanded trademark in the sector. The purpose of our company is to bring ourINPAX brand at the highest levels, widening the product range, introducing products of good quality to the market for reasonable prices and becoming a significant element of not only the Turkish market but also in the global market.

Inpa Electronics has a just market share not only in the?domestic market but also on foreign markets as it has been focusing on exportation since 2004. During the last three years,our company exported its own INPAX branded products to Europe, Middle East and Balkan countries therefore added many companies located there to its own customers portfolio and improved the volume of exportation to those countries rapidly.

We sell products imported and manufactured by us. As well as providing after-sales services for the products sold, our company has an extensive service network across Turkey. Our company constantly increases its share in satellite and security market. Leading reasons of this are stable launching of quality product to the market with reasonable prices and our sensitivity for after-sales services.

We work more for future since we are aware of the responsibilities undertaken today. We constantly work for achieving more thanks to our young and promising team.

Thank you!